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About the process

Carbonization is the thermal decomposition of organic material without the addition of additional oxygen, as you would recognize in the natural environment.

This process occurs at 500-800°C and produces two products at the same time: syngas and biochar. E-missionC equipment uses this pyrolysis principle to generate renewable energy from various organic wastes.
The fine recovery of biochar and nutrients of different quality levels can be achieved by controlling the parameters of the corresponding reaction process.

In addition, most of the input materials carbon is stored and not released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. We call this process carbonization.


Carbon dioxide equilibrium

The process of carbonization converts most carbon into a long-term stable solid form, thereby reducing emissions into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. The heat generated by the carbonization process is used as waste heat energy for on-site use at the project site (e.g., drying equipment) or directly connected to the local heating or power grid.

Energy savings

The carbonization process produces a positive energy balance, with the energy from the waste sustaining the entire self-heating process. A wide range of input biomass materials.

Safe and clean

Use flue gas treatment equipment according to demand, and exhaust emissions fully comply with relevant regulations.


The pyrolytic unit consists of high-quality stainless steel and nickel-based alloy materials for optimal performance in all scenarios.

High-value output materials

renewable energy and high-value biochar, depending on the quality of the input material.

Waste reduction and cost reduction

Up to 95% reduction.


E-missionC equipment adopts modular container installation; it can flexibly handle various fossil and non-fossil product input materials. Lower installation costs, higher efficiency, and reliability make this equipment series an ideal solution for waste utilization and recycling.

Forms of heat energy that can be recovered

- Maximum 150 ℃ hot water
- Thermal oil (330 ℃)
- Steam
- Power generation


The equipment runs stably. Through the operation of several projects, we can realize the further optimization of the process. The device unit can be freely extended.


E-missionC equipment adopts the latest automation control technology. It has automated reporting, proactive maintenance, and adaptive algorithms.


Excellent usability not only ensures your efficient and correct operation, if you need emergency services, you can also get remote support from E-missionC.

Long service life

High temperatures and corrosive environments will shorten the service life of common equipment. E-missionC equipment using the pyrolysis process is designed for long service life, so we only choose to use the best materials and brand accessories to produce the equipment.


The device's self-heating process allows the device to operate 24/7 while generating renewable energy.

High-quality biochar

Stable temperature control and residence time ensure the highest quality biochar.